What is MOE(萌え)? Why is it so popular in Japan?

What is MOE? It is not a product nor a place, but an expression that you will find very often in Japan.

Moe originally comes from the word MOERU ( meaning burning up or heat) and is used today to express emotions which would be a mix of cute, romantic, relax,excitement and love . It was first very popular among the geek culture ( Anime, Manga and games ) but now became a major expression.

For example, when you see a very cute small animal and just by looking at him your heart would melt down ( because he is so cute), the expression " Moeru " (#萌える) would be used. So MOE photos get a lot of likes on social media; showing beautiful , relaxing and exciting pictures.

MOE became an important factor for food visuals as well. It gave birth to a new expression MOE DAN (#萌え断 ) meaning ' exciting beautiful photos showing sides. Appetizing photos are a very important factor for food related Social Media account. The Look and Taste; a very important combination for SNS photos.

Photo Source : Instagram@sawa.gohan

Photo Source : Instagram@monbulanlan