Valentines Day new trend- " non-contact" & Gift for Myself

Valentine's Day in Japan was established in the 1950's as a day women giving chocolates to men. Initially the chocolate gift was for the women to give chocolate as a sign of love to their loved ones or men they are interested but as time passed, in addition came " Giri Choco". Giri Choco are chocolates to be distributed to colleges, neighbours or any other people to express grattitude to those who helped during the past year. Recently it became a trend to give " Friends chocolate" to give to friends and in recent years came up the " reward chocolate for MYSELF".

Demand for " Giri Choco" and " Friends Chocolate " is likely to decrease due to fewer opportunities to interact with people. With the sanitary crisis this year, the traditional Valentine's Day has been shifting to the day to " give chocolate for Myself to reward MYSELF". Many people have been refraining from going out, traveling since 2020 and it seems that more and more people have allowed themselves a nice " reward chocolate" as a small luxury to themselves.

" Reward Chocolate for myself " are mainly bought online . Since communication via internet ( Social Media, online drinking parties, etc) became a must with the crisis, the photogenic look of the chocolate ( looking good on screen) became one of the major point when choosing the chocolate. Cute looks, colorful, fun. This year Valentine's Day will be celebrated online by showing to friends online the photogenic chocolate bought for myself.

Photo & References : Goncharoff website & Instagram @goncharoff_123