Traveling through travel Inflencers

They make us travel through Instagram

Photos are indispensable when choosing a travel destination. Many photos of travel destination are posted on Instagram and it is very much appreciated as you can easily enjoy spectacular views of the world, especially that we can't travel like before.

According to the survey ( How Instagram has influenced Japanese Market), 46% of people who are travelling regularly says that they look at Instagram when their plan their vacation. One of the factors to make the decision on their destinations or the hotels, are the photos posted on Instagram.

For travel or hospitality related projects, using popular travel Instagrammers on a collaboration project is a very effective marketing method.

Halno Kujiraoka @halno is a photographer and is very popular for his photos that look like they are floating in the sky on a broom. He posts floating photos that are taken around the world. His creative and unique photos of the world, make us feel like travelling around the world on a broom.

Photo & references sources : Instagram @halno

Number of followers : 268K

Shiho @shih0107 is the author of the book " Places to visit before you die " and a popular travel Instagrammer who posts many photos of different parts of the world she has visited. Her posts vary from familiar Japanese sights to unexplored regions around the world, with tips and details on how to enjoy the spectacular scenery, making the account very popular.

Photo & references sources : Instagram @shih0107

Number of followers : 148K

Moya @moyamoya2121 is a fashion designer and a working; travelling Mom . In addition to posting many photos from the travel destinations, there are many posts introducing fashion and goods. Travel photos with her child makes her very popular among mothers as a Stylish Mom Instagrammer .

Photo & references sources : Instagram @moyamoya2121

Number of followers : 96K

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