#STAYHOME - the posting trends

#STAYHOME or hashtags like #ENJOYHOME , related to enjoy and find smart and fun ways to spend time at home became popular in 2020. With the amount of time spent at home increasing, the most popular items that are posted with the #stayhome are the followings in Japan. Making the Stayhome issue a pleasant and positive time with simple and useful items, is the keyword.

Dalgona Coffee

A coffee look that came from South Korea and became very popular. The two- layered look of whipped coffee on top of milk is very much appreciated on SNS as it is very instagrammable. During the StayHome period, making homemade sweets becane very popular ; the number of electric mixer became a big success.

Photo source : Instagram@tflor__9

Cube candles

Comig from Korea, these candles in cube shapes have more visual effects for photos and are very much appreciated from instagrammers.

Photo source : Instagram@221percent

Heart shape Mirror

The heart shape mirror is not just a simple decoration but is also used to take unique pictures. People love it for the lovely shape, hanging it on the wall to reflect people shape or using it like a tray to put things on it, making simple items more special.

Photo source : Instagram@erimama.93

Handmade masks

The number of hastags for #handmademasks has exceeded 500 000. It became very popular among highschool students who transformed normal white masks into fashionable, cute masks with stones, laces, beads etc.

Photo source : Instagram@colorist1998

Sweet toasts

With home becoming a Cafe, the normal hassle-free breakfast toast, became a special meal to share.Toast are considered more like a sweet and not just bread, with a cute look. It has become popular as part of easy sweets to make.

Photo source : Instagram@mizukikonuma

Flower sandwich

Making sandwiches look like an art piece with fruit and other ingredients became very popular. 2020 was the year of Flower sandwich making normal sandwichs look like flowers.

Photo source : Instagram @__171022__

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