Social Media Born Artists

Before it was TV, Radio, records.. Now Artists are born via Social Media, voted by the public. 5 rising japanese artists in 2021 ,born from Social Media.

yama : His song ' Haru wo tsugeru' appeared on TikTok and widely spread, got Number 1 on Spotify Viral Chart. yama is a very misterious artist with a clear voice. His song ' Haru wo tsugeru' got more than 6.3 million views on First Take Chanel.

Photo source : yama official youtube channel

Haru wo tsugeru

yuuri :Singersong Writer. He also started from social media by a song called ' Kakurenbo'.

Photo source : Twitter @yuuri_official

Rine: Rine got famous on Youtube by his video on Rap battle. ' snow jam ' was played on Youtube more than 100 million times.

Photo source : Instagram

Ado : Started posting her songs from when she was in primary school. She became famous posting 'Kujira feat Ado' which was viewed more than 10 milliom times.

Photo source : Twitter @ado1024imokenp

Nakimushi : Started by posting on twitter then got famous by posting on Youtube

Photo source : Instagram @rarirari_life

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