After the huge success of the Anime, Kimetsu no Yaeiba ( english title : Demon Slayer) , the 2021 trend could be JujutsuKaisen, a dark fantasy animation.With more than 120 million of copies sold, Kimetsu no Yaeiba was a japanese national trend for the year 2020.

Photo Source : Instagram jujutsukaisen

Why did Kimetsu no Yaeiba become such a national boom? The story is about Monsters eating human, and human fighting these monsters. The story is dark and talk about Death and Life . Facing Losts, monsters and human are equal; this is the main message . Unlike other anime, Kimetsu no Yaeiba was widly sprend through non- manga readers through SNS and webmedia but also influencers.

Photo Source : Instagram kimetsu_movie_campaign