"Do YOU BIG?" - new social media trend for Generation Z

For the generation Z, how to post " photogenic (haeru 映える) " photos and videos on social media remains one the biggest concern for 2021. It seems that posts will be different from the traditional, glamorous, cute and fashionable criteria. One of this year trend is to to go stores that offer big drinks , take photos with the big food and post them on social media.

One of example as a hit menu at izakaya among young people is the " shussei sour" ( promoted sour). The more you order, the bigger the size of the glass changes, the primary purpose of ordering this menu is to take a huge glass filles with sour with a smartphone and post it.

Asakusa, a tourist destination in Tokyo, which used to be full of foreign tourists, became one of the hottest place for younger generation; one of the factor of this success being one hand food that look great - big on photos.

Tako no Nakigoe - a store that provides traditional senbei in XXL version is very popular among young girls and has caught the hearts of women with an unexpected reasons. The big food creates a small face effect that makes the face look smaller when taken together.

The Big look trend has transformed the Asakusa area to a trendy place for Generation Z.

Photo : Instagram@nbori33

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